Grand Gate Gardens Case Study Digital Source Documents (Documents ONLY)

Grand Gate Gardens Case Study Digital Source Documents (Documents ONLY)

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The Grand Gate Gardens Case Study Source Documents are the documents ONLY.  This is not a course or tutorial, but it IS a comprehensive digital package of realistic Source Documents and bank feeds that follows a fictional business through the start, growth, bookkeeping problems & solutions of a Canadian Sole Proprietorship business. It includes about 500 documents, including receipts, bills, bank statements, credit card statements, spreadsheets, and bank feeds.  I have also included the Profit and Loss report, General Ledger, and Balance Sheet for each month based on my own interpretation of the documents.

The storyline and documents are created to be as realistic as possible, and are structured so that each month the complexity builds. 

These documents were created to test and train with.  There are “Grand Gate Gardens Case Study Walkthrough Courses” that is available for purchase separately which includes bookkeeping training, explanations, and walks through and explains each item in these Case Study Documents.  The Walkthrough Course includes these documents, so, if you choose to purchase that course in the future, you will have the opportunity to reduce the purchase price of that course with the amount that was paid for these documents.  

There will also be free run-throughs of entering these documents into bookkeeping available, on YouTube, but without commentary, that are created to be a companion resource for these case study documents purchased.


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